Switzerland at a Glance

Switzerland is a small mountainous country covering a part of the Central Alps and the northern pre-alps. With its mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, Switzerland boasts a diverse landscape despite measuring only 220km from north to south and 350km from west to east.

Switzerland is characterized by a wealth of biological and natural resources concentrated in a small area.

 7.5 million People live in Switzerland. Of these, about 1.6 million are foreigners.

Switzerland is divided between different language regions and reflects a number of cultures. Switzerland’s central position between three important European cultures (the German-speaking region, France and Italy) has led to its historically linguistic and cultural diversity.

 Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Rumantsch.

Switzerland owes the high standard of its economy to its liberal market system, political stability and close ties with foreign economies. The state creates the necessary framework and only intervenes when this is deemed to be in the general interest.

Since Switzerland is a small country, its home market is limited. Switzerland is a big exporter and importer of goods, whit services and trade accounting for a higher percentage of GDP than in many other countries.