Word of the Ambassador

Dear members of the business community in Egypt and in Switzerland,

I am glad to welcome you to SEBA’s newly launched website that comes just in time to celebrate SEBA’s ten year anniversary. Since its inception in 2004, SEBA has developed and implemented its vision and mission to foster and deepen the economic Swiss-Egyptian relations. Over the past ten years, SEBA has not only overcome some major political or economic challenges in Egypt – and there were a good number of them – SEBA has also become a key instrument for the Embassy’s mandate to foster trade and investment between Egypt and Switzerland.

As a not-for-profit organization, SEBA is first and foremost a service provider to its members. At the same time, SEBA is based on active members that want to develop and to invest into a strong network among some of the most innovative and internationally successful companies. Thanks to a wide range of well-established contacts, SEBA was able to attract in the past years first class guest speakers from the Swiss and the Egyptian Government as well as renowned public figures to speak in its public and international venues on behalf of its members.

Egypt and Switzerland have successfully negotiated, signed and implemented a good number of investment and trade agreements. They provide for an attractive framework to invest and to trade goods and services. SEBA can help its members to make best use of these provisions to build a successful business venture.

I invite you all to browse the website and to use it as a platform to explore and to take advantage of the wide range of services that SEBA offers. I am looking forward to work with SEBA and serve the companies that sell Swiss products and services in Egypt, that invest Swiss capital in Egypt or that exports products to Switzerland.

Markus Leitner
Ambassador of Switzerland