SEBA Events

SEBA Customs Workshop at the Customs Authority

Within the framework of SEBA’s support to its members in achieving their business successfully, the Chairman of the Egyptian Customs Authority agreed with H.E. the Ambassador Markus Leitner to organize a facilitation meeting at the Customs Chairman office on Tuesday 7.3.2017. The main purpose of this meeting was to give the opportunity to each company representative to present its issue in the presence of the officers in the customs technical office each one related to his complaints and any problems the company may face. In order to have a successful meeting, we collected a various of problems sent from some SEBA members ( for example RoDiagnostic, Sika, Nestle Egypt, Schindler, Mazaya, ABB, BTC, IEC,..etc.)and submit it to Dr. Magdy Abdel Aziz (Chairman of Customs Authority) and his technical team, to be easier to solve the problems during the meeting. The technical Officers were very supportive and tried to help SEBA members as much as they can.